Modern Sauna

Sauna that you may know is a sauna with a sun heatead or by using a heated water? That’s all is traditional sauna. currently abandoned traditional saunas because more of the side effects. Direct sunlight on the skin for long periods can cause cancer because of ozone as a UV barrier has thinned out even a hole.

Now Many physicians around the world began to recognize the many benefits of infrared saunas can offer their patients, from detoxifying the body to increase energy, burn calories, lowers blood pressure, pain, reduce inflammation, reduce symptoms of fibromyalgia only good health as a whole. With the way the world today and all that we are exposed, having your own far infrared sauna will make a world of difference in the quality of your life can feel. From now turn to the system’s infrared sauna. I mean the sauna that uses infrared heat instead of carbon as a ceramic. Using carbon as the heating has several advantages compared to using a heater ceramics. With the same size heater using carbon to produce infrared heat 10x more so to heat a room using a ceramic heater rod need more and certainly requires more energy also.

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5 thoughts on “Modern Sauna

  1. itempoeti

    nang Jakarta nggolek sauna ora angel… nang endi2 ono… mung 2000 rupiah…

    namanya mayasari bakti, PPD, metro mini, kopaja, mikrolet dan konco2nya…



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